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e-Business Solutions

Elaprolu Technologies excels at the creation and implementation of applications specifically geared for your e-business. We do not use a cutting-cutter approach to your IT needs. Our solutions are custom-built to your unique enterprise requirements.

We offer a seamless integration of your enterprise efforts from your customer’s needs to the successful completion of their orders to management of your inventory and/or services.

Our services are tailored, but not limited to such capabilities as:

  • Dynamic Product Demonstrations and Descriptions
  • Simplified Customer Ordering Processes
  • Precise Accounting and Inventory Databases
  • Detailed Reporting

Our team of talented developers can utilize the latest advances in today’s technology such as J Boss, Websphere and Weblogic. The result :

  • An increase on your return-on-investment in your IT capabilities
  • The ability to maintain a competitive edge globally
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction and sales by optimizing your site’s ease and efficiency
  • Lower operational costs

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