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We follow a full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for software development.


We have a core team that prepares visualize/range of your project. We envisage the overall direction for the project, including influential in feature the solution will and will not include.


We will prepare the functional specifications, works the design process through, and prepares work plans, cost estimates and schedules for the various deliverables.

Design & Development

We will achieve the build of solution components (code as well as documentation). Our process model combines principles of waterfall and spiral models. We use the best approaches of several standard processes and support different kinds of outsourcing.

Our development process is interactive. Means customers monitor the progress of development. Our Clients won’t be faced any impulsive issues at the end of the Project.


Testing emphasize procedure and process under realistic ecological conditions. The team focuses on resolving and triaging.

Testers develop the Test Plan, test cases and scripts, test the system and verify that it operates according to the specification.

Delivery & support

Our team deploys the core technology and site components, stabilizes the deployment, transitions the project to operations and support, and obtains to Client.

Keep supporting the system after installation, and we also provide a warranty for limited period.

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